The End Of The Road

©Photo by AJVallee

Were already over
We loved each other
We made each other laugh
Wanted the best for each other
Yet incapable of offering it
Our hot tempers
Never giving in

It had dawned on me on day
We had no project in common
No house to renovate
No trips around the world to plan
No startup to start up
And there would never be babies to raise

In one last attempt to patch things up
To convince ourselves it wasn’t all that bad
We went on a roadtrip
17 hours between here
and the end of the world
1000 km to cover the distance between the two of us
Til the end of the road
Our road

Hours driving through changing sceneries
Of forests so deep
One wonders
how could men ever scout through it
and come out alive on the other end
How this road could even exist

That bridge
The island
Some boat
A destination
The place was windy
Bare of trees
The rowr of the ocean came to you from every side
and every angle
An isolated paradise
yet strangely found

We fought so much more than we ever did
in town
The painful truth badly hidden through the miles
Exposed in the lack of distractions
We had nothing in common

I wandered off on the island
Driving on its only road
Strands of land at times so narrow
the ocean on each side could swallow you whole
You and your stupid car
You and your life
your worries
your hopes
You and nothing else
Forever floating away

A road sign caught my eye
Wolves Bay
I parked the car
The lot was empty
The din of the waves riotting was deafening
Nature’s abuse
I got out of the car and walked towards the beach
The mighty beauty of it
The grey skies
The white sand
And in between
the frigid turquoise waters in turmoil
high waves crashing into each other

I stood there
Staring at the might of it all
Tears welled up
Flooded my cheeks
I heard a cry
That scream ripping my throat
Unperceptible through the racket

The dam had broken
I was alive




Stop. Look & Listen. That’s Life happening. Sometimes en Français et parfois in English.

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AJ Vallee

AJ Vallee

Stop. Look & Listen. That’s Life happening. Sometimes en Français et parfois in English.

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