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Giants watching over me
Filling the air with their song
The heat
A summer afternoon

Come with us
Walk along the river
A ribbon flowing below the fields
High grass
Smell the wild flowers
Hear the joyful cries
See the dog jump in the water
Swimming along
Cooling down

He called
He had a pool put in
See us rush to his house
‘round the back
Bathing suits on
Towel around our neck
Only to find him
Sitting in a barrel
Of rain water
A straw hat on his head
Laughing at our disappointed faces

That laughter
Recognisable amongst all laughter
One that made me cry as a baby
One that I will forever

See the evening fall on us
Running in the open countryside
All the way
To the fields edge
There where the cows are kept
Smell the dewy air
Of soil and grass
Hear them talk
See them sitting on the porch
In the distance

Here is Nighttime
Crisps pyjamas on
The summer ones
Feel the light waffled cotton
Listen to them around the table
A million tales of nonsense
Sit on Her lap
She’ll trace enigmas on your back
Tickling mystery letters

Up ! Up ! Up !
To the attic
Face the crazed rooster picture
They say it’s from a famous painter
So what
So scary
So to comfort us
He shows us
A night sky
The nightly sky
Through the telescope
And the Big Dipper

Bundle up under layered blankets
Under heep of sleeping bags
Fall asleep to the sound of them lot
Dancing to a good time

Come morning !
Through the window panes
Tiptoe to the bathroom
Cobalt blue
Wake them up in their brass bed

Swing open the kitchen doors
Run into the morning sun
Collect fresh eggs from the farmer
Next door
It’ll smell of coffee and buttered toasts
When you get back

Fall is here
Pick the hazelnuts in the woods
Dry the sunflower heads
Wear your jacket !

Winter is coming
Iceskate on the frozen pond
You fall down
But get up !
Before the dog steals
That woolly hat from your head
And runs with it

Drink the hot chocolate
As your feet thaw by the fireplace
Listen to the scary stories she tells
And nibble on
The dried sunflower seeds
They will be more
Next summer




Stop. Look & Listen. That’s Life happening. Sometimes en Français et parfois in English.

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AJ Vallee

AJ Vallee

Stop. Look & Listen. That’s Life happening. Sometimes en Français et parfois in English.

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