©Photo by AJVallee

I opened the door
Her smile beamed
She came in and introduced me to my dad
He shrugged
We let it lie
Just like we did with every nonsense her confused brain
would trick her into believing made sense.

It had become
More and more difficult to hang out
a little easier each time
As months went by
She faded away
Her body was the only proof that she had once been herself

She mostly laughed at her own inner jokes
Everytime I had been alone with her
If only for a brief moment
She would lean in wanting to confide a secret
I have to tell you this, she’d say
But the words would roll on her tongue and never reach my ear
Only her knew the beginning and the end of the stories she wanted to tell

She had been a child all her life
She had been mine unbeknowst to me for so long
She had loved
She had fought
Wounded never healed
Forever seeking asylum
She had lost

She spent her whole life writing
But not a line have I never seen
Not a word of hers have I ever read

Yet as she fades away
I reveal myself
To the world
Unbeknowst to her

Stop. Look & Listen. That’s Life happening. Sometimes en Français et parfois in English.

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