1920s archival back & white photograph of a Gypsy/Traveler’s caravan ablazed — Traditional funeral ceremony.
Archival photograph public domain

Black & White photograph of a bouquet of flowers standing on a chair.
©Photo by AJVallee

Lettre à Michel Tremblay

La bibliothèque de maman ©Photo par AJVallee

Photo from the early 80s, excitement on a little girl’s face as she discovers Christmas stockings filled to the rim!
Photo by AJ’s dad :)
©Photo by AJVallee
Straw hat resting on the dashboard of a car rolling on a road, sunny day blue skies.
©Photo by AJVallee

In a field, a single tree at dusk.
©Photo by AJVallee
Cold Blue Ocean Waves Rolling Offshore.
©Photo by AJVallee
The ocean in a purple nightfall light.
©Photo by AJVallee

AJ Vallee

Stop. Look & Listen. That’s Life happening. Sometimes en Français et parfois in English. www.ajvallee.ca

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